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Growth and Functionality Control of Artificial Low-dimensional Oxide Structures

It has been discovered that many novel phenomena, which do not appear in simple semiconductors, are emergent in complex correlated materials. “The challenge is to understand how such collective phenomena emerge, discover new ones, and determine which microscopic details are important and which are essential.” Virtually all electronic devices began with an understanding of interface barrier formation, electronic/magnetic structure, and control ¾ “the interface is the device”. Knowledge of the surface/interface properties as well as the effects derived from broken symmetry and spatial confinement is essential if these devices are to be made to work at optimized functionality.


Our research will add a new facet to the study of emergent phenomena, the use of spatial confinement. In essence we will combine two of the grand challenges—Complexity and Nano-structured materials to explore and exploit emergent behavior. Through advanced material synthesis and nanoscale-lithography fabrication, combined with comprehensive characterization at atomic precision, we hope to understand and ultimately learn how to control the functionality of these complex materials for future advanced technological applications.

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We always have 2-3 Ph.D. student positions each year in our group. Prospective students with the background of physics, materials, and related majors are all welcome to join us. The students in our group will have the opportunity to join the IOP-LSU joint research program and obtain degrees from both the Institute of Physics (IOP) and Louisiana State University (LSU).  The details of the joint programm can be found at the end of this webpage.

Postdoc positions are also frequently available in our group. Ph.D. candidates in physics and materials sciences are welcome to apply. Please contact us for details.
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